Worker’s Compensation.

Worker's Compensation Lawyer

If you were hurt while on the job, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Chicago and Naperville worker’s compensation lawyers can help you with your injury. Most jobs qualify for protection under Illinois worker’s compensation laws. Your employer and their insurance should assist in paying for medical bills, doctor’s visits, wages lost, compensation for the deterioration of your body, and possibly much more.

​In Illinois, employers are prohibited from retaliating against a worker who makes a worker’s compensation claim. Know your rights. Call Chig Legal for a free worker’s compensation consultation. We won’t take action until you say it’s ok. 


Our personal injury attorneys will seek the best compensation for you.

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If you need a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, Naperville, or any surrounding area, you must be reviewing your options on who is the best attorney for you. Choose Chig Legal today. We are a small boutique firm able to give the attention necessary for each client at the highest level.

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When you work with Chig Legal, you immediately become a member of our family. We won’t stop until we get what’s right for you, the same as we wouldn’t stop for our own family.

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We are well-known by opposing lawyers, who understand that we won’t stop until we have held people accountable for their wrongdoings. Our trial lawyers are willing to fight for you to make it right.
If you would like us to assess your case and help you understand how our services can benefit your claim, please reach out to us online or call (312) 300- 2444. Chig Legal is here to help.