Truck Accidents: Know Your Rights


Throughout Illinois, we share the roads with a large number of trucks and heavy traffic. If involved in an accident, these large vehicles pose a significant risk of injury. An accident involving a large truck can lead to serious damage due to their size and weight.

If you are in an accident with a truck your life will change in a matter of seconds. Consider medical costs, loss of employment, your vehicle destroyed, not to mention the physical injuries that you could experience. In the involvement of a bigger truck, the risk of serious injury will increase. Whether you or a loved one were involved in an Illinois Trucking accident, please contact the top chicago truck accident attorney across Naperville, Chig Legal, for a case assessment.


Illinois Trucking Accidents Statistics

The Illinois Department of Transportation supervises fatal truck accident statistics in Illinois on regular bases. Just recently in the month of August 2020, there were 56 fatal accidents involving semi-trucks in Illinois. [i]


Common Factors causing Trucking Accidents in Illinois

We have discussed some common factors and examples that cause trucking accidents in Illinois.

Aggressive Truck Driving

Aggressive driving entails speed, tailgating, and road rage. Trucks take time to slow down or turn. When a trucker drives aggressively, and traffic unexpectedly slows down in front of them, they do not have sufficient time to slow down or stop the truck to prevent a dangerous situation or road hazard.

Truck drivers without experience

Fresh truck drivers may not be used to dealing with the size and weight of a truck. A trucker who doesn’t know when to slow down or signal your turn properly might confuse other drivers around them and cause an accident.

Blind Spots knowledge

Truck drivers must be aware of the blind spots on their vehicles. While you should certainly be mindful of the truck that you are driving next to, it is risky to presume that the truck assumes that you are there, or that they are used to expecting vehicles in their blind spots. Such confusion generally causes a trucking accident.

Bad Driving Conditions

Bad weather creates a dangerous condition on the road. Snowfall and rainfall can make the roads slippery and eliminates tires traction. Truck drivers must reduce their speed and operate the vehicle property for the conditions they have.


How much is my Trucking Accident case worth if got involved in an accident?

How much your trucking accident case is worth will vary depending on the severity of your injuries and the other driver’s percentage of fault (Illinois is a comparative fault state). Every single case is unique.

To assess the worth of your claim for accidents with a truck, your attorney will consider the following factors such as:

  • Healthcare bills and expenses.
  • Loss of income/wages.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Degree of the fault of the truck driver or company – if the other driver was 90% at fault for your accident, you may be able to seek 90% of the value of your claim.


What action should I take after an Illinois Trucking Accident?

If, as a result of someone else’s negligence, you or a loved one is involved in a trucking accident Illinois, you must first contact your local trucking accident attorney in Naperville, Chig Legal law firm (, because it has the experience in managing cases in trucking accidents in Illinois.

Please note that Illinois has time limits (Statute of Limitation) for filing accident lawsuits so you should take action immediately to protect your right to bring a lawsuit.


[i] Illinois Department of Transportation

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