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Your consultation with us is free. It’s confidential. Our Lawyers give straight answers. No Bull. No sugarcoating. We strive to provide clear options for next steps.


What our clients are saying!

“Steve won my case for me quickly and communicated well throughout the whole process. Highly recommended.” – Craig N.

We Do Injuries. Nothing Else.

You’ve been hurt and it wasn’t your fault. You are entitled to get back what you lost. Medical bills should be paid. Your pain and suffering should be recovered. Our injury lawyers will fight to make it right.

Injured in a car

Car Accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents. If you were injured by anything with wheels, we know how to handle it. Use the button below to learn more about how we can help you.

Injured on the job

Illinois protects workers. You wouldn't have gotten hurt if you weren't at work. Your employer's mandatory worker's compensation insurance exists to compensate workers who get hurt on the job. Find out if you qualify.

Injured at a Store

Heavy objects falling from shelves, hazardous materials on the floor, and poorly maintained grounds cause injuries to shoppers every day.

Injured Anywhere

Dog bites, fires, electric shock, food poisoning, you name it. If you were injured by no fault of your own, you should be made whole.

Get Back What You Lost. Contact us for a free consultation.

I just got into an accident. What do I do?


Lawyer up. Contact Chig Legal.

If you can call, email, or text a lawyer for free, why not do that? What if doctors gave free consultations? Would you still search the internet for medical advice?


Document Everything. Report Everything. Take Photos of Everything. Keep Everything.

Make a police report. Report the accident to your insurance, even if you aren’t at fault, really. (See our Blog Post for more details on this).


Lawyer Up. Contact Chig Legal. Did we already say that? We did.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Hiring a lawyer is the difference between fully recovering what you lost and getting shorted by the insurance companies.

What Happens When I contact Chig Legal?

If you call

We’ll take down your basic information, which is kept confidentially along with the rest of the call. Then, our lawyers will speak with you about your potential case. Most times, we’ll ask you send us additional information, like photos or police reports.

If you don’t have those things, that’s ok too. After evaluating your case, we’ll tell you if we can take on your case or not. If it’s a case we can take, we will send you papers to sign so we can act as your lawyer. Usually the same day you call.

If you email, text, or send us a message online

We will respond typically the same day or within 24 hours of your message. We’ll schedule a time to discuss your case over the phone. The message you send to us is confidential. We may ask for you to send us documents before our phone call. Typical documents are the police report, photos, and insurance information. Don’t worry if you don’t have these things yet.

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